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In a nutshell--not worth the money. Area high school musicals are better. If you must see this, buy the cheap seats. The acting and singing was not stellar. The characters blend together. The roles of Vince Fontane and Knicki are the only things holding this production from sinking. If you are bringing children pre-teen or younger be forewarned that there are several scenes that promote smoking that are not necessary and the level of sexual enuendos and humping acts are many. Tacky! Taylor Hicks--joke and corney. Also, he promotes his new album at the end by singing a number from the album immediately following the production. Tacky! This is the first time that I have been let down by an off broadway performance.

By: TheatreMom

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Talk Musicals. Chat to friends about the musicals and shows

Talk Musicals. Chat to friends about the musicals and shows