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To class a musical as the best thing since Les Miserables is quite a statement but i have to say... I'd go and see it again in a flash and i plan to in the new year! The impressive machanical dragon hanging above the stage,that greets you into the theatre itself sets the scene for a fantastic adventure of wizardry! The prodution itself is amazing to watch... if anything.. there was too much to watch which is why i need to go back as soon as possible to see it again! Idina Menzal was fantastic... her stage presence is perfect to take on the leading role from her broadway performance as 'Elpheda' and her voice was truly amazing. I left the theatre wanting to order my ticket for the following nights performance and i must have held my composure to burst into tears all the way back to the hotel before breaking down in the lift. The songs had a hidden meaning for me and the story was very clever in the way it showed how someones appearance or equality can be disriminated against when judged by the magority. In the case of the Witch... the colour of her skin. All in all, i have to say that this musical truly is WICKED!

By: Paul brierley

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